Thursday, July 05, 2007

SHO course in MIRI

I just back from MIRI last nite after giving lectures on Occupational Health Module for SHO course organised by NIOSH Sarawak. About 14 participants attended the course, all of them are very enthusiastic about OSH. I wish them success in their involvement in OSH field. Welcome to OSH world.

Is this Safe?

This photo was taken by one of SHO course participant. The photo clearly shows us about safety practice. The question we should ask as a safety practitioner is: Is this good standard operation procedure? To me this is both unsafe condition and unsafe act. When both factors occur simultaneously, the risk of accident is high. 

Sunday, July 01, 2007

SHO Course Teaching at NIOSH KUCHING

Today I involved in teaching session at NIOSH Kuching: - Ergonomics , Occupational & Psychosocial Stress, Shiftwork and Mental workload. This is part of Occupational Health module for  SHO course. About 14 participants enrolled in this part time modular course.
First photo above showed the slide title of one of the lectures and second photo showed some of the participants during the break time.