Sunday, December 20, 2009

Workplace Accident: Amputation of Right Thumb

2 weeks ago, a worker came with Amputation of his Right Thumb at the base, alleged accidentally cut by a machine saw. This is a workplace accident and needs further investigation to find out the root cause as well as needs to be notified to DOSH by the employer.
For the worker, it will be the worst experience, he will grieve for the loss of his right thumb, worst still he is the right handed person. He appealed to the ortho. surgeon to rejoin his right thumb back. Yes, the surgeon tried but the difficult thing is- it occured at the joint line of his right thumb, the outcome would not be that successful in term of function and might be failed.
The impact of this loss incident is a trauma and a crisis experience in his life. He will in grief for a certain duration of time. While his thumb is badly injured, his mind is traumatised by the incident. What will his employer do to help him?

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