Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My 2nd Health Talk for IOT staff was held on 22 Dec. 2008 at its conference room. 15 staff attended the talk. To share some information of the latest statistic of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia:
Since 1986 until Dec. 2008 : 80 938 of HIV infected cases was reported in Malaysia. 13 636 were confirmed to have AIDS and 10 334 of them died.*This figure is from MAC & MOH.
The above figures revealed that 13 Malaysian were infected by HIV per day and 3 Malaysian suffering from AIDS per day.
HIV and AIDS is NOT the same ; HIV is the virus, AIDS is the disease. HIV only can be transmitted through blood, body fluid (semen & vagina fluid) and from mother to her fetus.
HIV carrier normally appears healthy as you and me, so it is difficult to differentiate them. The only way to fight HIV/AIDS is through PREVENTION. HIV/AIDS is not merely medical problem, it is a social problem....... everybody needs to fight inorder to prevent it from spreading. One of the preventive measures is to have a healthy life style. Note: 1 December every year is WORLD AIDS DAY.
You can visit Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), here
Here is the list of reference, click

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SOEM Workshop on Lung Function Test & Audiometry

At Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur - on 8 & 9 November, 2008 SOEM organised Continue Professional Development (CPD) on Occupational Medicine & Workshop on Spirometry & Audiometry.
The Workshop on Spirometry was coordinated by Prof. Dr K.G. Rampal from UKM and practical session was leaded by Dr Abed Onn. Just to mention few important points given by Prof. Rampal - Spirometry only need to be done 2 yearly because of the spirometer machine error causing declination about 50 mls of lung function , compares to reduction of human lung function approximately 25 mls per year of age. 
The spirometer needs to be calibrated daily using syringe provided with the machine. There are 2 normal value which are determined by age, gender and height :-  Percentile & Predictive Value (75%/80%) which is unique to race of one particular population. Since the spirometer came with the predictive value for western population, this value needs to be corrected between *8 - 12% for our population. *Can use any figure between 8 -12% for correction BUT must stick to the same figure for validity of interpretation of the result.
Dr Abed gave the following important techniques for good spirometry result : 1. Full inspiration (using abdominal muscle) 2. The mouth piece must fit tightly by the lips and 3. Give force expiration to the maximum and very fast. The followings are the contraindication for spirometry : 1. Recent smoking 2. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 3. After heavy meals

KPJ National Patient Safety GOALS

On 30th November until 2nd December, 2008 I represented Kuching Specialist Hospital together with  Medical Director, Dr. David Ling, General Manager, Mdm Mah Lai Heng, Nursing Chief Officer, Mdm Ting Lay Hua, one Staff nurse and physiotherapist, attending KPJ Annual Health Conference @ PERSADA Convention Johore Bharu.
Amongst the presentations at that conference was KPJ National Patient Safety Goals as stated in the left image. As OH Practitioner, I am proud that KPJ has dwelled deeply in pioonering this field ahead of other hospital in Malaysia.

A Must Buy 'OH Book' for the year 2009

This book is the "MUST BUY" Occupational Health Book for the year 2009. Edited by 2 prominence Malaysian Occupational Health Expert, Dr G Jayakumar & Dr M Retneswari, contains 22 chapters discussing all aspects of occupational health concerning the Health Care workers, contributing by 28 experts in occupational health from both local and international.  This 280 pages hard cover book, was published by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and cost only RM88.00
You can buy the book from MMA, call 03-40411375

Monday, December 29, 2008


Saya mengucapkan Selamat meyambut Maal Hijrah 1430H kepada semua rakan-rakan pengunjung laman blog ini. Saya mendoakan semuga tahun 1430H akan memberikan kita ruang untuk terus meningkatkan aras prestasi segala aktiviti perjuangan kita untuk menjadikan tempat kerja kita lebih selamat dan sejahtera.