Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Host-Agent-Environment Paradigm

Before we explore 'Health Prevention Concept' further, it is important at this juncture to understand another paradigm called 'Host-Agent-Environment' which contributes to ill health condition. In this paradigm, the Host, Agent and Environment interact with each other to form a condition that favors ill health or disease to occur. The Host is the person who has or at risk of specific disease. The Agent is the organism or direct cause of the disease. In occupational health we called its health hazards categorised as Biological, Chemical, Ergonomics, Physical and Psychological (BCEPP). The Environment includes the external factors which influence the host or his susceptibility to the agent and also the vector which transmits or carries the agent from the environment to the host. This paradigm explains the causation and transmission of many diseases. The combination of factors in these 3 premises in effects form a contagion of theories of disease causation.
The factors in the host which contributes to his susceptibility to the disease are age, gender, genetic, occupation, lifestyle, education etc. The agent's factors which contribute in disease susceptibility in the host are biological, type, characteristics etc. The factors in the environment are the economic, social condition,climate etc. This 'Host-Agent-Environment' complex interaction only can cause disease with Allah Willing.

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