Sunday, November 09, 2014

Occupational Health Nurse Course at NIOSH Bintulu

After several calls by NIOSH Bintulu and Miri to teach Occupational Health Nurse(OHN)in the past, at last I accepted the offer to teach a group of OHN from 3 November to 7 November at NIOSH Bintulu. I taught them first module which is mainly related to Occupational Medicine.
7 Nurses attended the course — 5 from Tokoyama Construction, One from Japan Gas Construction and one fro ITAR College Sibu.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


1. Congratulation to Nestle (Sarawak) Kuching for organizing this event for their staff
2. Kuching Specialist Hospital was invited to take part to give health talk and basic health screening like Blood Pressure, BMI and Blood Glucose.
3. Special request given to me to give health talk for 3 separate days in order to allow all their staff to attend.
4. I chose to give health talk on the topic 'Healthy Life Style'. During the talk I provided 3 quizzes to the participants. 
5. The event started from 1 pm to 6 pm
6. The last day for the event is on this coming 25 August 2014.
7. There are few problems I face during the health talk:
7.1 No proper place to put the projector so that the slides are bigger enough for the audience to see
7.2 Very noisy place to give a health talk because the screening place is next to health talk place. Health Talk is attended by 2 batches shift workers — when the other batch has their screening, the next batch attend the health talk.
7.3 I wonder, why  microphone is not provided
8. Hope they improve my points 7.1 to 7.3 in their future event.

This the place where the health talk took place
The participants waiting for their turn to have health screening

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

INSEPS Certificate in SHO, iCATS Kuching

My training to the ICATS INSEPS students started on 23 June and ended today. I was giving Module 3 Occupational Health which cover the following topics:
1. Overview of Occupational Health, Disease and Injury
2. Overview of Occupational Hygiene
3. Occupational Health Standards
4. Fundamental of Industrial Toxicology
5. Biological Monitoring and Health Surveillance
6. Physical hazards
7. Biological Hazards
8. Ergonomics and Ergonomics Risk Factors
9. Shift work
10. Mental Workload
11. Occupational Stress
12. Hazardous Substances
13. Indoor Air Quality
14. Ventilation
25 students attended the course.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I attended AOEMM resertification course on Medical Review Officer on 14 and 15 June 2014 at Flamingo Hotel KL. About 30 participants attended this  course.


I have completed my Stress Management Training from Stress Management Institute UK. My 2 assignments were accepted and both scores DISTINCTION. One of my assignment can be view here, under the list of articles:

My full article can be view here:
An Analyses of the possible causes, development and treatment of a stress-related illness

So, now I am offering my Stress Management Training for those who needs help to overcome their stress. Do not hesitate to call me at 0198570645 if you need my help.

Friday, April 04, 2014


I am offering Introductory Training On Stress Management in the form of one day workshop. The objectives of this workshop are:
1. To give a better knowledge to participants about stress
2. To Introduce 'Kompas Minda' Basic Stress Management Technique

The workshop will be divided into 2 parts:

1. Therapeutic Informations About Stress which will cover:

1.1 What is stress?
1.2 Type of Stress
1.3 Identify Stressor and Your Coping Mechanism
1.4 4 Domains of Life
1.5 Fight or Flight Mechanism

2. Basic Stress Management Techniques (KOMPAS MINDA TECHNIQUE):

2.1 Muscular & Mind Technique
2.2 Breathing Technique
2.3 Autogenic Relaxation
2.4 Doa
2.5 Recovery or Relief from Stress
2.6 Hypnotherapy - Introduction

For Details,
You can contact me at 0198570645 for further detail.

For those who suffer from Stress due to Crisis or Trauma, I am offering 8 Sessions Stress Management which is designed unique for each individual.