Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today, Kuching Specialist Hospital organised an in-house training on audiometric testing, conducted by Mr Derrick Chan of Top Hearing Care Centre KL. We bought our audiometric machine and static silent booth from this company many years ago. 13 staff attended the training, majority are our nurses who conduct the audiometric testing.
Mr Derrick Chan divided his teaching into theory and practical. He covered the following topics:
1. Ear 2. How we hear? 3. Pure Tone 4. Audiogram 5. Results Interpretation. During the hand on audiometric testing, each of the participants was taught on how to conduct the pure tone air conduction testing as required under FMA 1967 (Noise Exposure 1989). Beside that the participants were also taught on how to operate the audiometric machine as well as how to 'trouble shooting' in case the machine has some technical problems.
A copy of Noise Exposure regulation 1989 was also given to each of the participants. The salient features in the regulation were also highlighted.
The training started from 1 pm until 5:45 pm. Each participants will receive a certificate of attendance.