Sunday, May 27, 2007

Health Talk to SHELL Driver

This morning, I gave a health talk on "The Management of Fatigue" to SHELL drivers employed by Pengangkutan Mekar Tiasa (PMT) at Pending. An hour talk was planned 2 month ago by the Human Resource Unit of PMT. Around 15 people mainly drivers attended the talk. I have covered 6 scopes of fatigue in this talk:
1. What is fatigue and its spectrum?
2. How common is fatigue?
3. What is the cause of fatigue?
4. What is the effect of fatigue?
5. Who is at risk?
6. What is the treatment?
I am very happy with the response from the drivers; 6 of them participated actively in asking questions.
I have reminded them, fatigue can affect their performance as the driver. Study showed that Working for more than 20 hours is equivalent to the effect of Blood Alcohol Level of 0.1g/100cc. This is above the legal alcohol allowed by the law which is less than 0.08g/100cc.

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