Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am now in the midst of preparing what I called Minimum Occupational Health Services Implementation (MOHSI) package for the Small and Medium Enterprise Industry. MOHSI will be based on 'Occupational Health Services Guideline' issued by DOSH in 2005.
The aim of the package is to advise the industry on how to implement the minimum requirement of this guideline in their workplace based on their budget capacity and critical hazards found at their workplace. 
MOHSI has 6 components namely:
1. Health Risk Assessment (HRA) at workplace
2. Employee's Health Management
3. Monitoring of Health Performance and Incident Reporting and Investigation
4. Fit to work Program
5. Particapatory Ergonomics Program at Workplace
6.First Aid & Emergency Preparedness Plan
For detail info about MOHSI, please contact me at 0198570645 or email@ or or YM @ ainimurni_dr


Anonymous said...

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Emma said...

Well written article.