Sunday, April 20, 2008

RCOH -conference Day 1

RCOH D1 started with the plenary presetation on Workplace Health Surveillance and The Role of Biological Monitoring by Prof. Dr. Malcolm Sim of Monash University, Australia. The RCOH was officially declared open by the Honourable New Minister of Human Resource, Dato' Dr. Subramaniam and then followed by the Keynote address entitled Occupational Health: Toward a healthy workplace by DG Ministry of Health, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ismail Merican.
There were 4 concurrence symposiums for the day:
Symposium 1 on Occupational Injuries
Symposium 2 on Occupational Health in healthcare sectors
Symposium 3 on Occupational Health Services and
Symposium 4 on Occupatinal Lung Diseases
The entire sesssions were very informative and update. Amongst the speakers was Prof Dr David Koh of Singapore National University who talked on Emerging Occupational Medical issues- The nano examples.
The Vascular Surgeon from Selayang Hospital, Mr V Pathmanathan touched on Occupational hand injuries.
I met few participants from Sarawak at the conference and bought one book published by SOEM - Case Series in Occupational Medicine.
Poster Presentations from local participants and Exhibition booth from SOCSO, DOSH and few companies make the conference more attractive. The conference was also attended by local experts like Prof. Dr KG Rampal of UKM, Dr Abu Hasan Samad of Exxon Mobile, Dr BJ Singh, Dr G Jayakumar of Petronas BASF, AP Dr M Retneswari of UM, Dr Mohd Nizam of SHELL Malaysia and Dr Jefferelli of SHELL Miri.

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