Friday, August 15, 2008

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Workshop

I have an oppurtunity to attend the above workshop on Wednesday, 13 August 2008, conducted by one of our Board of Directors Dr Kok, Consultant Paediatrician of Puteri Specialist Hospital, Johor. Dr Kok was assisted by Ms Julie and Madam Annie. This workshop was conducted for the first time for all HOS (Head of Service) of Kuching Specialist Hospital. Last year a workshop on Clinical Risk Assessment and Management was conducted by Tuan Hj Abdul Wahab who is KPJ Risk Management Director cum our Executive Director.
The purpose of RCA is to find the flaws and loopholes in the system that create an incident either in the form of near-missed or sentinel events. So the first step in RCA is Incident Reporting. With every incident reported, we need to find out its Care Management Problem (CMP). Using fish bone method and brain storming session we need to find out what are the contributing factors to this problem. After prioritised the main contributing factors, then we find the solutions which we called as Risk Reduction Action Plan
Being trained in occupational health and safety, I found this workshop as a excellence oppurtunity for me to enrich my knowledge in risk management.

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