Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KPJ National Patient Safety GOAL No. 2

Effective communication is essential in any relationship including patient-care provider relationship. Communication is a two way pipeline. Effective communication means the message from the messenger perceived by the receiver accurately.
To improve effective communication we need to eliminate communication barriers. There are a lot of communication barriers but I would like to highlight three barriers as follows:
1.Assumption : Never assume the receiver understand technical term without checking their understanding
2. Avoid Curse of Knowledge(COK): COK is a condition when you become expert in particular subject,but it is hard to imagine not knowing what you do.
3. Closed Mind :  a condition when you are resistance to new ideas or informations.
Spanish Philosopher,Jose Ortega Y Gasset called it  'the barbarism of specialization' in one chapter of his famous book:  Revolt of The Masses

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