Monday, February 16, 2009


The work environment (WE) – the second component of the W-WE ecosystem consist of the work environment, secondary tools and the job procedure. The work environment including all the hazards existed in the environment such as noise, temperature, vibration etc. The secondary tools are the tools used in business other than the worker. The job procedure including all the standard and non-standard work practices at workplace. It is clear that all the above are human created: the human determines the environment, the machine and the job procedures. This statement is very important because it brings us to the conclusion that the work environment component of W-WE ecosystem is adjustable and  can be redesigned.
The first component of the ecosystem is not adjustable although from physiological perspective our body system tends to adjust to the strain arose from the external before it ends up with serious injury.
Factors in work environment such as vibration can cause harm to the worker. Flaws in design of the workstation will impose strain to the human who try to adjust their body by adopting an awkward posture. Poor work/job standard procedures will cause inefficiency and constant injury to the musculoskeletal system.
Interesting to point out here that although the human body system is not adjustable in the sense of major changing in its size and measurement,the human body is naturally adjusting to the work environment factors until the body system cant resist the strain further. When this happened, it will cause injury to the musculooskeletal system .
This is the challenging that we face if we want to implement ergonomics at workplace.
Any attempt to change the workstation design and improving the inefficient standard procedure of practice will face a resistance from both workers and the management.
The management will label this attempt as challenging the decision of the past policy maker and management leadership.

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