Sunday, April 25, 2010


On 15 & 16th April, I went to KL to attend Basic Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA) Training conducted by one of Malaysia's Leading Ergonomist, Dr Jalaluddin Dahalan of ErgoWorks Sdn Bhd. 13 participants attended this training, among them - 2 from SHELL, Colgate-Palmolive and Shinetzu respectively. Among the 13 participants, 2 of us (one OHN from Shinetzu) are medical people, others are Engineer and SHO.
On the first day, Dr J explained the important of Ergonomics in reducing Financial and Legislative Risks. The definition of Ergonomics which is originated from 2 Greek Words (Ergon and Nomos) was explained in term of safety, health, productivity and efficiency.
On the 2nd day, Dr J taught us how to do Basic Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA). We are given 3 scenarios based on real case studies, to practice our skill in ERA.
At the end of the course 2 participants were evaluated and rated as the best presenter by the participants. Congratulations to Wan Mohd Nazeem of Colgate Palmolive and Azri Mohd Ali of Shinetzu who were the best presenter of ERA.

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