Thursday, May 30, 2013

From Blackberry 8520 to 9320 to Z10

My first smartphone is Nokia E71. After that I migrated to Blackberry after attracted by its power of push mail — which I used extensively in my work. My Blackberry initially was from low range to mid range (8520 &9320). In April 2013, I decided to invest in high end Blackberry after the launching of Blackberry Z10.
I am an avid Macuser, I started to use Mac since 1994 with LC 575 (I still keep it at my home) then PowerMac 6100,6200 then PB5000 series, PB 1400, IBook and now MacBook and MacBook Air plus iPad Generation1 and iPad Mini. People ask my why I dont use iPhone. Short answer —I don't choose iPhone because iPhone is so commonly used by people around. I dont choose Samsung because to me Samsung is also commonly used and it imitates the iPhone. I choose Blackberry because it is used by a group of people which I feel like an old day of Apple with its strong elite Macuser Group.
So far I am happy with my Blackberry Z10 although the apps is still limited and some of its features I dont like very much especially on the keyboard the send button is located just below the delete button.

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