Friday, April 04, 2014


I am offering Introductory Training On Stress Management in the form of one day workshop. The objectives of this workshop are:
1. To give a better knowledge to participants about stress
2. To Introduce 'Kompas Minda' Basic Stress Management Technique

The workshop will be divided into 2 parts:

1. Therapeutic Informations About Stress which will cover:

1.1 What is stress?
1.2 Type of Stress
1.3 Identify Stressor and Your Coping Mechanism
1.4 4 Domains of Life
1.5 Fight or Flight Mechanism

2. Basic Stress Management Techniques (KOMPAS MINDA TECHNIQUE):

2.1 Muscular & Mind Technique
2.2 Breathing Technique
2.3 Autogenic Relaxation
2.4 Doa
2.5 Recovery or Relief from Stress
2.6 Hypnotherapy - Introduction

For Details,
You can contact me at 0198570645 for further detail.

For those who suffer from Stress due to Crisis or Trauma, I am offering 8 Sessions Stress Management which is designed unique for each individual.

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