Sunday, January 10, 2016


On 19 December 2015 to 20 December 2015, I attended HIRARC and HADDON course organised by Kelab Kebajikan KKP UPM Serdang. I attended this course on self-sponsored because I believe by doing so, the knowledge I gain will be extra valuable.
The 2-days course was conducted by Dr. Mohd Rafee Baharudin, PhD Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine UPM.
The course was very comprehensive, with Dr Rafee explained the core fundamental knowledge in HIRARC. Wrongly in identification of Hazard will make the Risk Assessment misleading, not worthy and unprotectable.
The wrong used of RAM by different industries also will be misleading. In short, although it is up to the organisation to customised the RAM used, but they need to show how they define each elements of the RAM. Using Quantitative RAM without data is a mistake. Saying the result of Qualitative RAM as not significant is also not appropriate because significant is a statistic term. The end result saying that low Risk is insignificant and High Risk is significant, is very misleading if you not understand what is the meaning of SIGNIFICANT.
Explanation how to use RAM Table from NIOSH US and RAM Table used by DOSH in the guideline was highlighted and very informative.
HADDON Matrix, created by Dr W. Haddon is very important to analyse the contributing factors and control measure of injury and disease.
How to do HIRARC Reliability Analysis was also explained.
In short, this course is very important for OSH Practitioners to attend if they want to get skill and correct way to do HIRARC.

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