Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is the first blog written by me for CendekiaOHS - a startup blog with the main focus to help your organisation: Maintaining the Health of Your Business. With that main cause, I am providing news, opinion and advice on any occupational health and safety issues. My main objective is to make sure your organisation has Healthy Workforce hence Productive Workforce. That is my main mission.
Hope this blog will help you understand more the important of health and safety issue at your workplace,so stay tune.


osha911 said...

Congradulations - have always wanted to start my own blog. Good for you now I hope the health ministry can start on their website on hazards faced by health providers first. HCAI (Health Care Acquired Infections)


CendekiaOHS said...

Thanks OSHA911, for your comments. I hope you can start your blog too.