Friday, June 16, 2006

What is Occupational Health ?

Occupational Health is a branch of Preventive Medicine.
According to ILO/WHO Committe on Occupational Health : Occupational Health is -
Promotion and Maintenance of the physical,mental and social levels of staff in all work sectors: Prevention from illnesses and diseases due to workplace or process; Protection from risks at work: Placement of workers in environments and job tasks suitable to their physiological and psychological capabilites.


Inorder to achieve these functions, the following are the acitivities or what is normally called - OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES:

1. Preemployment & Preplacement medical examination
2. Baseline and Periodic Medical Surveillance Examination for USECHH 2000
3. Statutory Medical Surveillance Examination for : Lead, Asbestos, Mineral Dust, radition and Noise
4. Workplace Health Risk Assessment and Management (WHRAM)
5. Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Program
6. Quit Smoking Program
7. Ergonomics Awareness Program
8. Health Promotion at Workplace

The needs of occupational health activity is different from organisation to organisation due to the nature of its business activity. So inorder to have an effective occupational health program, it should be customised-tailored according to the needs of that organisation.

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