Friday, October 13, 2006


It is important to have a knowledge on Hazards if you really want to manage Safety and Health at workplace effectively.
What is Hazard?
The word Hazard is originated from Arabic -AZZAHR, means chance, luck.
Hazard is any thing that has inherent potential to cause HARM or DANGER to human’s health and safety, property and environment.
Generally, we can classified Hazard into Safety Hazard and Health Hazard.
Safety Hazard is a condition where harm to workers is immediate or of violent in nature which may result in injury,for instance Work at Height -if you fell down, it will result in acute injury or fatality. On other hand, Health hazard is a condition that can cause disease or illness, normally it take a period of time to develop. For example, if you are exposed to Benzene (which is carcinogenic chemical:classified as Class A carcinogenic by the Environmental Protection Agency), you may have Cancer of white blood cell (Leukemia) in many years time. However, health hazard also can ended up in acute consequence, for example in Acute Cyanide Poisoning.
How many Type of Hazards?
The type of Hazards are :
Health hazards:
1. Biological agent : Virus, Bacteria,Fungus
2. Chemical agent: Organic solvents, Heavy metal such as Plumbum(Lead),Nickel etc
3. Ergonomics : Manual handling, Computer work etc
4. Physical Agent: Radiation, Noise, Vibration etc
5. Psychosocial : Stress, shift work

*mnemonic: BioChemist Examines Plumbum PoiSoning
Safety Hazards:
1. Mechanical/machinery : cuts, entanglement
2. Height/Gravity
3. Electrical
4. Fire/Explosion
5. Violence
6. Confine Space

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