Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Testing using MacJournal

I am trying MacJournal.
Hope it is working smoothly.
With kind regards,
Dr Aini Bin Hj Murni, MD PGDOH

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Anonymous said...


sorry for leaving message to u like this... my name is sabrina..i realy need ur help i am a student at a local university. This year i take HSE as one of my subject. My lecturer give me a project to make a folio on industrial hygiene that is more related to Malaysia. i try to find details about the standard exposure limit of toxic gases estabalish by our government but could not find one.. i really hope u can send me the details about this and other related details on local industrial hygiene.. my e-mail is fasah_potter@yahoo.com.. sorry again for disturbing u like this.. thank u...