Friday, December 07, 2007

Stress @ Work

Stress @ Work sometime started during your morning trip to office. If your route to office has traffic jammed and you are late, you started to have stress.
Stress can be identify through your feeling, behaviour, thinking and body reaction.
Too much stress or also called DISTRESS in long term can jeopardise your health, leading to some psychosomatic illness like High blood pressure, Gastritis etc and Mental ill-health.
So inorder to overcome the stress you must know its two components : Stressors and Response.
Stressor is a situation you are in which causes the STRESS, example : Traffic jammed as in above photo and you are late to attend a meeting at your office.
Response is how you cope with the stressors.
You need to change either Stressors or your Response in order to successfully live with stress. In  real life, you cannot expect stress-free life. Life is full of stress BUT too much stress and poor response to it will affect your health both physically and mentally.

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