Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SOEM Workshop on Lung Function Test & Audiometry

At Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur - on 8 & 9 November, 2008 SOEM organised Continue Professional Development (CPD) on Occupational Medicine & Workshop on Spirometry & Audiometry.
The Workshop on Spirometry was coordinated by Prof. Dr K.G. Rampal from UKM and practical session was leaded by Dr Abed Onn. Just to mention few important points given by Prof. Rampal - Spirometry only need to be done 2 yearly because of the spirometer machine error causing declination about 50 mls of lung function , compares to reduction of human lung function approximately 25 mls per year of age. 
The spirometer needs to be calibrated daily using syringe provided with the machine. There are 2 normal value which are determined by age, gender and height :-  Percentile & Predictive Value (75%/80%) which is unique to race of one particular population. Since the spirometer came with the predictive value for western population, this value needs to be corrected between *8 - 12% for our population. *Can use any figure between 8 -12% for correction BUT must stick to the same figure for validity of interpretation of the result.
Dr Abed gave the following important techniques for good spirometry result : 1. Full inspiration (using abdominal muscle) 2. The mouth piece must fit tightly by the lips and 3. Give force expiration to the maximum and very fast. The followings are the contraindication for spirometry : 1. Recent smoking 2. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 3. After heavy meals

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