Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HEALTH Talk at ASSAR Senari Group (ASG)

Today, ASSAR Senari Group(ASG) Sarawak, the owner of Independence Oil Termional(IOT) invited me to give a health talk on 'Chemical Hazards' in conjunction with their HSSE Week. About 20 audiences attended the talk.
In my presentation, I started by informing the audience that everyday, thousand of chemicals are used in our workplace, home and environment. Chemical hazards is common hazards found at workplace and every worker is exposed to it. I stressed that we have no choice except to continue the battle proactively to protect our health from the effect of hazardous chemicals.
To help the audience in understanding the chemical hazards, I divided my health talk in three(3) short chapters :
Chapter One : Understanding chemical hazards: Hazardous chemicals and how it enters and effects our body
Chapter Two: Understanding the Malaysian Law pertaining to Chemical hazards
Chapter Three: Control the chemical hazards in workplace
In summary, I told the audience the following most important steps in fighting chemical hazards:
1. Awareness and Knowledgeable on chemicals used in workplace : read the Material safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
2. Practice Personal Hygiene
3. Perform Industrial Hygiene requirement as mentioned in OSHA 1994 and FMA 1967
4. Go for health and medical surveillance regularly or annually

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