Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Reference Book

I ordered this Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health, from PageOne Bookstore in Singapore. Its price is SGD78.52. This book is a newcomer to the oxford handbook series.
This book provides a comprehensive summary of the theory and practice of occupational health. This handbook contains 12 Sections as follows:
1. Occupational hazards
2. Occupational Diseases
3. Occupational Health Practice
4. Fitness for work
5. Occupational Health law
6. Occupational Hygiene
7. Toxicology
8. Epidemiology in occupational health
9. Environmental Medicine
10. Safety science
11. Practical procedures
12. Emergencies in occupational health
I found this book is very handy and portable. In every chapter of each sections, there are a list of references.
FYI : I found this very good electronic booklet entitiled " Smart Guide To Start Business" published by DOSH, Malaysia. Click on the title to download your copy.

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