Sunday, May 24, 2009

EDOSH Sarawak Teaching Session

Starting from 16th May 2009, I was involved in Teaching Session for EDOSH Sarawak. The module I taught was Occupational Health Services which consisted of 12 topics :
1. Occupational Health Services Overview
2. Fitness For Work
3. Return to Work
4. Medical Surveillance
5. Sickness Absence
6. Emergency Medical Team
7. Travel Health
8. Total Health Promotion
9. Smoking Cessation
10. Principle of Impairment Assessment
11. Drug & Alcohol at the workplace
12. Hearing Conservation Program & Audiometry

The class has 23 registered students. My teaching sessions were 4 days on 16th. 17th, 23rd & 24th May 2009. You can download the lecture notes here, uploaded by the student who owned the safeselamat webblog. I have listed his webblog in my local bloggers list.
I wish all the student HAPPY GAWAI and study hard for your coming examination on 14th June 2009. Read my lecture notes as well as your textbook provided by OUM/IPD and sure you will pass the exam.

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Mick said...

Dr Aini,

Such a nice blog of yours, and very informative.
Keep posting on some of the important points for Module 9. I'll encourage my coursemate to visit this blog.

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