Sunday, May 10, 2009


I attended the briefing session on H1N1 infection organised by Sarawak Health Dept. on 7th May, 2009 at 2:30 pm. The session was attended by about 30 people, representatives from all hospitals (including private hospitals) and Divisional Health Depts. in Sarawak. I am impressed that Sarawak Health Dept. has a very effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to handle any possible infectious diseases outbreak in the state. The briefing on the H1N1 infection was given by Dr Rohani Mahbah, Public Health Physician and Dr Chua Hock Hin, Infectious Disease Physician.

The following are my reflections after handling the case mentioned in my previous posting.

1. In this Era of Globalisation; the world is already a global village. We cannot be too complacent if there is crisis in other part of the world because it can affect our place any time. In this case, WHO put the pandemic alert level to phase 5 on 30 April 2009, we in Sarawak already got the suspected case on the 4th May 2009 (only 4 days later). Praised to God, the case was cleared of H1N1 virus.
This is also reflected in the current world economy crisis.
2. Emergency Preparedness Plan (ERP); must be in place all the time to face any crisis. Proper and clear flow chart and guidelines are all important in handling any crisis. To get,the document on the Recommendations for Influenza Pandemic Preparedness for Industry, click here. Adopt and customise it for your industry.
3. Effective Communication; all guidelines must be communicated to all employees especially those who are front line employee. Never ASSUME.
4. Update the knowledge; we need to update our knowledge on the current issue. Read all the informations and instructions provided by the authority body. It is our responsibility to help the authority to control the crisis.
4. At all the time, we must adhere to the universal principle of precaution,droplets precaution, cough etiquette and personal hygiene practice. This simple practices will safe your day from the infections.
Last but not least, check with your management, are your industry already has its ERP and contingency plan in facing any crisis and disaster. We need to emulate the aviation industry, they have all the 'what to do' manual in facing any crisis during the flight.

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