Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Part 3

Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Program must starts with a good policy statement. The policy which shows the full commitment of the top management on the program as well as allocation of a budget to run the program. The policy also clearly determines when to do the urine drug screens (UDSs)- randomly as well as when there is an incident/accident occured or other indications such as 'tell tale ' signs amongst the worker. 'Tell tale' signs such as odd behaviour like in the case mentioned in my previous posting. Possible other 'tell tale' signs such as frequent sickness absence, poor health ec cetera. After confirmation of the urine result, the policy must clear in the 'action to be taken' whether to send the worker for rehabilitation or disciplinary actions. If the worker voluntarily come forward for the test, the policy must clear enough not to punish the worker.
Beside the policy, the procedures to perform the test and how to randomly pick up the worker for the test must crystal clear , cannot just do a selective random check up only.
The lab. where the test done must have a high quality standard with recognition by an international body such as NATA. The appointed person who collects the urine and the doctor who interpretes the result must have a proper training in this field of specialisation. In Malaysia, SOEM-MMA regularly conduct a MRO course for doctors.

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