Wednesday, July 29, 2009


On 28 July 2009, I attended a dialog session with DOSH Sarawak. About 40 OHDs from the whole state of Sarawak attended the session which was held at Bilik Gerakan, Tingkat 9, Bangunan Tuanku Iskandar, Simpang Tiga, Kuching.
Dr. Faridah Amin, Deputy Director, Occupational Health Section of DOSH Putra Jaya presented 2 papers on NADOOPOD Regulation 2006, Latest statistics of Occupational Diseases & USECHH4, 5i & 5ii Forms. En. Yurisman, Pen. Pemeriksa Kilang & Jentera, DOSH Putra Jaya presented a paper on "Panduan Permohonan Kelulusan Pusat Ujian Audiometrik (PUA)", Dr Jack Wong SY, from OHU, Sarawak Health Department presented on Management of H1N1 Pandemic and Dr. Nik of SOCSO KL, presented on Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). I am the last speaker, sharing my personal experience as OHD.
This session is very informative especially for the OHD as well as for DOSH, who get a lot of feedback on the problems faced by them in carrying out their duty as OHD. The session was officially closed by Pengarah DOSH Sarawak, Ir. Hj Dasuki Mohd Heak.

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