Thursday, August 27, 2009

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene is one of the preventive & control measures advocated and endorsed by WHO in fighting the spreading of infections including H1N1.
Personal hygiene which includes a practice of washing your hands frequently is one of the most practical and easiest control measures in occupational health. However, due to bad habit and 'syndrome of short cut' we always omit washing our hands particularly before eating. In many industries especially in food and healthcare industry, washing our hand is a good and compulsory practice for the benefit of our own health, patient and food's safety.
For devoted muslim, personal hygiene is a routine practice because at least 5 times per day they practice it via the act of taking 'wuduk' (ablution) before they perform the 5 prayers. In wuduk practice, not only you wash your hands but almost all part of your body : mouth, ear, face and feet. So let practice Personal Hygiene in our daily life. Prevention is better than Cure

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