Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonite, one gentleman in his late twenties, came to our A&E Dept. with the above problem. He is suffering from this problem more than one year. He was previously treated in government hospital. On further questions, he claimed that he was a heavy chronic smoker and just quit recently. He came to A&E because he could not stand the pain on his fingers and toes. Some of his fingers and toes were already lost. At a glance, I diagnosed him as having Buerger's Disease. Detail about Buerger's Disease you can read here and also here.
When I asked him what is his occupation, he replied, "I was working at the Chemical Production Company. Now I already quit". I dont know whether his occupation has some relationship with his illness or not. I need to do some literature review on this subject. However, as far as my clinical knowledge on Buerger's Disease,I am sure it is related to heavy tobacco smoking. With this posting, I urge all of my fellow visitors of this blog who are smokers, please QUIT SMOKING. It is better now than later.

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