Sunday, September 05, 2010


Above is the Graphic Presentation of the main FOCUS of Occupational Health Services (OHS). The core framework of OHS is PREVENTION. As a famous adage says: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.
The PREVENTION FRAMEWORK is obtained by 3 strategies :
1. PROTECTION of workers health and safety from Hazards and their Risk at workplace
2. PROMOTION of health to the workers so that they have knowledge and skill to empower them to safeguard their own health.
3. ERGONOMICS Implementation by humanising the workplace and work task so that it is fitting to the capability of the workers physiologically and psychologically.
In order to memorise the strategies, I called it PPE Strategy. PPE here is not acronym for Personal Protection Equipments (PPE) but just a mnemonic to recall the 3 strategies namely Protection, Promotion and Ergonomics. PPE is formed from the first alphabet of each strategy and all SHO Practitioner is familiar with the term PPE. So PPE Strategy is a good mnemonic to recall these 3 strategies.
Source: My Slide lecture to EDOSH Students Batch 4 Kuching 2010

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