Monday, September 06, 2010

Workplace & Occupational Hazards

Workplace is the second home for all workers as they spend about one third of their daily time at workplace. Workplace and Workers form a mini ecosystem. The hazards existed at workplace always threat the health of the worker. In order to protect the health of the worker, these hazards must be identified and list in the hazards inventory then rate its effect on the health. This process is called Hazards Identification and Rating. After this is done, check OSHA 1994 and FMA 1967, to find out which regulations is related to the particular hazards and comply accordingly. In the next process, called Risk Assessment, find out who are exposed to these hazards. Evaluate their exposure and then do the Risk Assessment by analysing and determine the probability of its occurrence. After this is done, Control the risk according to the severity of the risk assessment which normally found on the Risk Assessment Matrix(RAM). The whole process is called HIRARC. For generic HIRARC guideline, refer here

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