Saturday, July 01, 2006


On 1st July, 2006 I joined a training session on Ergonomics and Manual Handling which was facilitated by a well known Malaysian Ergonomist, Dr. Jalaluddin Dahalan of ErgoConsult Advisory. The training session took 4 hours and involved 45 participants from one of the multinational companies of SamaJaya Free Industrial Zone, Kuching.
Dr. J stressed the important of Ergonomics in creating EFFICIENT and QUALITY productivity and protecting the SAFETY and HEALTH of the workers. The workers are the PRIMARY TOOL or HUMAN ASSET to any organisation.
A day prior to the training, Dr J and me did a 2 and half hours Ergonomic Risk Assessment at the company plant. Ergonomics as one of the important component of Occupational Health is wildly important in maintaining HEALTHY WORKFORCE, PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE
I have added Dr. J website to my blog link.

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