Saturday, July 08, 2006


World cup final is at the corner. It is between ITALY and FRANCE. What is the relationship between world cup and occupational health?
There are a lot of things we can learn from Football. The first lesson we should learn is how the well-known team like ITALY and FRANCE taking cares of their primary tool, the player. They invested million of dollars on each player including on their maintenance of fitness. Every teams show they really taking care of the fitness of thieir primary tool because only FIT primary tool can deliver a victory to the team. It is a good example of a win-win situation. Another lesson we can learn is a teamwork approach between management and the players. Inorder to succeed, this teamwork culture is a must either in football or any business. These are the two lessons we should learn from world cup or football game. With these two lesson we can begin our journey to have HEALTHY WORKFORCE, PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE. 

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