Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last week, I asked my ordinary grass cutter came to do his job at my house compound. He knows the hazards of his job and he voluntarily used all the necessary Personal Protective Devices(PPD/PPE) according to his own standard. (Cover his face&head, using google, using long sleeve and using PCK safety boot). His self-compliance without even knowing the existence of OSHA 1994 is very much appreciated.
When come to safety, our inner self is fully aware to protect ourself from dangers. However, a lot of the time we see people totally ignorance about their safety especially on the road and at their workplace. They do unsafe acts and create unsafe conditions (the two culprits of accident) and it becomes their routine or behavior. Their mindset already corrupted by false satisfaction they get from the non accident consequences they get from their actions and conditions. This false satisfaction is like 'atomic bomb waiting to explode'. The vital question is : Can we change their practices or behaviour?
Definitely........ we need to change their mindset first....changing their mindset means changing their perception or to be accurate change their 'world view'. We only can change their 'world view' by giving them 'knowledge' (ilmu) using simple language that they can understand. By changing their mindset, only then they will change their behavior. In another word, we are talking about 'Behavior Based safety'. We have to use a lot of approaches including religion approach. In religion there are a lot of safety values we can practice.

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