Monday, September 21, 2009


During my hariraya visit to my grand uncle's house yesterday, from his neighbour's house suddenly blasted a long chain of fire crackers with a very loud unwanted sound. Of course it causes NOISE - one form of physical hazards. In my experience, the intensity of that noise must be between 90 to 105 dB (based on this field study).
The firecrackers' noise lasted for more than 5 minutes. I managed to record it at its last part(about 24 seconds duration). My ears feel discomfort although I was sitting in my granduncle's house about 20 feet away and it also annoyed our conversation.
I supposed, it not only can cause 'temporary standard shift (TTS)' to my hearing but also can cause physical injury. I hope this 'hariraya' celebration will not end up with tragic otherwise
it will loss its meaning.


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